8 Design trends in 2022

Fashion, design and architecture have reinvented themselves over the past year. Companies have eliminated a number of products in order to design new ones. The good news is that the new products offer new trends and better availability. 2022 will be a pivotal year in terms of trends and design. Here are a few guidelines that the Atelier C3 design team has analysed for you.


Chic, timeless black will still be at the forefront in 2022. Whether as a touch or as a mass, it will be present to give character to your environment. Black will be used more and more, and in large quantities, in decor, and not just as a touch. It will also be present in made-to-measure kitchen and bathroom furniture.

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Photo credit : Atelier C3 design

Cigar lounge décor

Cigar lounges and home bars are making a comeback in interior design. This room was once reserved for men as a place of tranquillity where they could express their personality and creativity without restraint. This room was conducive to conversation and was used to display luxury items such as bottles of alcohol and works of art in order to display a certain notoriety and social success.

Today, this decor is for anyone who wants an ambience of dark colours, noble textures and a touch of chic reminiscent of the luxury of another era. The brown and orange leather sofas are a nod to this style.

Photo credit : 25 hours hotel Hambourg Altes Hafenamt

Sporty grey fabrics

The trend towards physical well-being will also be reflected in furniture. Furniture covered in fabrics resembling grey sportswear will be appearing in 2022 ! This armchair from Must Société will add a youthful, dynamic touch to any decor.

Photo credit : Must Société

Recycled fabrics

In 2022, companies are increasingly adopting an eco-friendly approach. This way of working is increasingly coveted by consumers and can be seen in many areas of interior design. Fabrics are no exception. Below is a 100% wool felt made from reconstituted wool from the fashion industry. In the coming year, this trend will expand into other collections and other companies.

Photo credit : Kirby design

Light and medium wood floors

Wood still has a big place in our interiors. The trend in 2022 will be towards light and medium wood tones, which will be used in large quantities. There are a number of advantages to these shades: Ease of maintenance, a sense of grandeur and light in the room. This trend is set to continue over time. Goodbye dark wood floors !

Photo credit : Atelier C3 design

Here is a light and medium wood imitation vinyl plank offered by Torlys, exclusive colours available only at Pelletier Déco Surfaces.

Softened geometric patterns

Geometric patterns will be very present. They will be in simplified forms such as circles, triangles and rectangles. However, they will be softened by a reshaped or embossed texture. They will be used extensively in wallpaper and fabrics to give an extraordinary accent to a room.

Photo credit : Black edition wallpaper

Wooden slats

In architecture and design, wood strips are a big part of the picture, and 2022 will be no exception. Whether it’s real wood slats or a painted wood effect, this trend will occupy walls, ceilings and bespoke furniture. For walls, natural wood or wood painted black and white will be in the spotlight. For made-to-measure furniture, the slats will be mostly vertical.

Tip : For architectural slats, Woodzco is a new Quebec company that offers easy-to-install slat systems in a range of species and colours : https://woodzco.com

Photo credit : Atelier C3 design

The colour trend for 2022

Warm shades will be in vogue. Pinkish brown won’t go unnoticed in 2022. This natural-looking colour will be used a lot in fashion and decorative accessories ! If you use this colour in small touches in your interior, it will create a restful, comforting atmosphere in your space. Don’t hesitate to paint an accent wall and change your cushions !

Photo credit : Atelier C3 design

Trends play an important role in our lives and our purchases. Did you know that Atelier C3 design offers custom wood furniture in the colour and species of your choice ? Contact us for your renovation projects or any other design questions. C3.design@outlook.com