Our Expertise in Custom-Made Furniture

Continue your Atelier C3 Design experience with custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Discover our customized storage solutions designed to perfectly fit your space and lifestyle.

Why Choose

Our Custom-Made Furniture ?


Choose our custom furniture made in Quebec to enjoy the benefits of regional expertise and to support the local economy.

Personalized advice

Take advantage of tailored advice to make informed decisions and optimize your project, including the selection of hardware, cabinet materials and countertops to suit your budget.


Benefit from the personalized expertise of a kitchen designer to design furniture adapted to your needs and your lifestyle.

Timeless Elegance

Choose our custom-made furniture and discover timeless elegance, tastefully crafted by our designers using a range of suppliers, guaranteeing environments that will transcend time with distinction.

Ergonomic Ingenuity

Adopt practical cabinetry that adapts to your lifestyle.

Our user-friendly approach ensures ingenious arrangement of interior spaces, for easy access to your belongings, while maintaining aesthetics.

Adding value to your home

Opting for our custom-made furniture is an effective way to integrate cabinetry that enhances your home, adding a touch of elegance that enhances your architecture.

This attention to detail contributes not only to the comfort of your daily life, but also to the appeal and value of your property, an important asset when it comes to future sales.

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