8 Design trends in 2023

Woven wicker caning

The natural fibre will still be in vogue in 2023. Wicker will take on all sorts of forms. Wide woven rattan will be very much in evidence, especially on armchairs, chairs, tables, chests of drawers and decorations. This trend, incorporated in small doses, will give a room a warm, dynamic feel !

Rafia chair, Must société

Exotic wallpaper

Wallpaper will still be a noble choice in 2023. This time around, exotic inspiration is to the fore. Lots of flowers, palm trees, birds, parrots and natural fibres. These inspirations will be worked in a chic and distinguished way. It’s time to treat yourself and add a touch that will remind us of our holidays in the South !

Romo wallpaper

The new concrete effect

In recent years, concrete texture has become a major design trend ! Imitation concrete was often treated as smooth and uniform. In 2023, the concrete look takes on a different form. Variations in colour and the impression of a trowel stroke will be very much in vogue. This new look will breathe new life into a material that will stand the test of time !

Dekton, often used as a countertop in Quebec, now has a new finish in a range of colours and textures reminiscent of concrete !

Consentino, Dekton

Kitchen hoods

Industrial-style stainless steel cooker hoods are becoming less and less common in kitchens. By 2023, the Farmehouse style will be very much in evidence, leading to a major comeback of wooden hoods for a warm look. The trend for other styles over the next few years will be towards hoods built into a cabinet module in a different colour or texture, creating a much more personalised and versatile design.

Kitchen by Atelier C3 design

Sheep fur

Several soft textures will be in the spotlight. In the coming year, the use of sheepskin fur is making a comeback. White sheep’s wool will come in several forms : curly, short and long. It will be found mainly on ottomans, cushions, throws and rugs. Some suppliers even offer this texture on armchairs ! An accent that won’t go unnoticed !

Henriette armchair, Must société

A touch of retro

Many references to retro style are making their appearance in design. This year, it will be evident in the curves and the use of white and gold. It’s a style that really stands out in the lighting, which looks great every time !

Kitchen by Atelier C3 design

Mixing matt and gloss finishes

One trend to watch out for in 2023 will be the blending of matt and gloss finishes. For the last few years, the super matte finish has had a strong presence. Mixing these two finishes creates a chic look, while the gloss finish emphasises certain details. This trend is very much in evidence in floors, backsplashes, countertops and wallpaper.

Sample by Atelier C3 design

The 2023 colour trend : Sand

The great return to the natural colour ! With the rise of rattan, the return of travertine and the need for a sense of well-being indoors, this colour makes perfect sense. Sand colours will be very much in evidence in 2023. These shades give a warm, comforting feel to a room. Sand goes well with almost any lighter colour, right up to pure white. This colour gives the impression that it is replacing the cold greys used in recent years.