How do you decorate a large wall ?

It’s common in semi-detached houses and condos for the walls to have no windows and for some walls to require a design concept. This situation also occurs in some houses. Here are a few tips for bringing a wall up to its full design potential.

Defining your needs and the use of space

First of all, you need to think about your needs and how the space will be used. On a large wall, it is advisable to find several uses for it. For example, the wall could be used for a library, a television, a fireplace, storage, a coffee corner, a reading corner, a bar, a children’s play area, etc. When creating this wall, it’s important to think about traffic flow so that it doesn’t clutter up the space, especially if it’s a main circulation area. For example, to save space, it may be preferable to use a sliding or recessed door rather than one that opens at 90 degrees.

In this semi-detached, our designers have exploited this wall to its full potential. To achieve this, we recommend thinking about the living areas in the space and segmenting them. For example, this wall is in the living room, dining room and kitchen areas. These themes help to identify the uses that need to be made of this wall. For this project, it will be used to integrate a television cabinet, a water fireplace, a drinks corner and storage.

Strategy for visually lightening the length of the wall

When the wall is very long, there are strategies for visually lightening the length. For this semi-detached, our interior designers segmented the wall using living areas. This wall is divided into three parts. In the centre, the integration of a fireplace in an architectural module visible in all the rooms is very judicious. On the left, the integration of a beverage area using made-to-measure furniture reminiscent of kitchen furniture gives the kitchen an air of grandeur. On the right, the audio-visual furniture is set against a black background to visually integrate the television and sound system.

We mustn’t forget that a designer space means it has to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing ! Interior designers have mastered this skill. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire an interior designer before you start any work or shopping, to make your home an exceptional place that reflects your image !

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