How much does an interior designer cost ?

When you call on an interior designer to carry out a project, it’s important to find a design firm with whom you can develop an affinity with their professionals. These interior designers will give you their very best ! Thanks to their creative ideas and expertise, they will be able to offer you a proposal for the ideal space for your project, based on ananalysis of your needs and a balance between the following 3 key concepts : Functionality, Aesthetics, Feasibility.

Naturally, this process has a cost. Here’s how the fees for interior design services in Quebec work.

First of all, it is important to establish the criteria that will be used to determine the cost of invoicing : – Years of experience ;

– Reputation;
– Demand;
– The size of the company;
– The company’s network of contacts (an important asset for the client);
– Style;

There are two ways to set a price for your project :

Fees by the hour :

The design studio will produce a quote for their services based on your requirements. The quote will indicate the number of hours allocated to each task.

However, this method often leads to surprises at the end of your project. If your project takes longer than expected, you’ll have to pay extra for overtime, which can quickly add to the cost of your invoice. It will always be possible to remove certain tasks planned with your interior designer in order to reduce the number of hours and rebalance your initial budget. However, you will not have received all the services you initially wanted.

In Quebec, rates vary from $50/hour to $175/hour.

Fixed price per room :

This method is becoming increasingly common. These packages consist of establishing a fixed price per room by integrating the complete requirements for a room. So there are no surprises on the price of the project and you get the service that meets your expectations.

At Atelier C3 design, each of our room packages includes :

– Plan to scale;
– Technical elevation;
– Suggested materials, furniture and fixtures;
– Client meetings at the Atelier C3 design office;
– Project submission;
– Follow-up to answer your questions during the project;

You can also add as an option :

– 3D of your room;
– Demolition and construction plans, including electrical plans.

Our prices are based on an average of time and requests from previous years. This results in a fixed price for each of the areas to be handled by our interior design firm.

The interior designer service is a must for all renovation and construction projects. Designers are the point of reference for keeping you abreast of what’s new on the market, guiding you through the technical challenges of your project and giving you all the references you need for the various trades and suppliers.

Call us and one of our interior designers will suggest the right packages for your project ! You’ll also have the chance to arrange a free in-home consultation in the Quebec City, Lévis and Portneuf regions (418-809-9157). This meeting will be used to take the dimensions of your room and discuss your needs for each of your rooms to be transformed !