How to arrange wood species for your flooring?

At Pelletier Déco Surfaces, a wide selection of wood species and shades is available to you, but how do you make the ideal choice to arrange your wood flooring? With the expertise of the designers at Atelier C3 Design, here are some tips to create the perfect ambiance in your home!

When considering arranging wood species, the key is to find a harmonious balance. Designers generally recommend limiting your choice to two wood shades in open spaces for optimal visual effect. But where to start?

First, evaluate the existing elements you wish to integrate. ChatGPT Do you have cabinets, flooring, or a staircase made of wood to harmonize with your new flooring? ChatGPT In this case, you have three options:

1. Restore and stain:

If you have existing wooden elements, sanding followed by staining to match your new flooring can revitalize them, creating visual harmony.


2. Return to natural wood essence:

Choose this option to preserve the original stain and grain of the wood. Sanding followed by choosing flooring of the same wood species provides seamless continuity.


3.Play with contrasts:

For a unique touch, dare to contrast by choosing a darker shade than your existing elements. The designers at Atelier C3 Design suggest selecting an existing brown shade found in the grain of your wooden elements. Thus, you will create an elegant contrast.

Did you know that Pelletier also offers sanding services to renovate your existing floors? Pelletier déco surfaces

If you have the opportunity to start fresh, let yourself be guided by your heart’s desire. Choose a flooring that captivates you and harmonize it with similar wooden elements for seamless cohesion. With the wide variety of woods available at Pelletier Déco Surfaces, your perfect choice awaits, ready to transform your living space.