Refacing in Quebec

Generally, when we talk about refacing, this transformation consists of changing the appearance of the cabinets, cabinet doors, handles and countertop. Refacing is in demand for kitchens and bathrooms.

You probably think that refacing a kitchen is cheaper than building a new one. According to our years of experience in the field in Quebec, this is not true in all cases, and here’s why :

Generally, when modifying existing cabinets, the customer will take the opportunity to

Modify the existing cabinets :

– Change the configuration at the same time (add an island and modify part of the existing cabinets);
– Change the format of the upper cabinets to make them touch the ceiling;

In addition to increasing the price of your refacing, some of these elements are not always feasible depending on your project.

Cost of labour :

When you think of refacing, you think of savings. However, when a refacing is carried out, it involves more than simply redoing the façade of the existing elements. Additional costs will be incurred as the professional will have to :

– Redo all on-site adjustments ;
– Install new cabinet doors;
– Cover all sides and underside of exposed cabinets with new colour or material;
– Modify existing cabinets as required;
– Install new handles
– Change the countertop
– Etc. ;

As a result, the cost of this labour is very high. Today, thanks to technology and machinery, factory-built carcasses require much less labour and therefore cost less. This factor is a big help in getting a better price when considering the option of a new kitchen.

There are several disadvantages to refacing :

– Keeping the existing hardware;
– Keeping the current configuration;
– No new storage;
– No island added in some cases;
– Cost similar to a new kitchen;

There are several advantages to a new kitchen :

– Possibility of a new kitchen configuration with island;
– New storage space;
– New hardware;
– Cupboard up to the ceiling;
– Similar price to a refacing. However, you can sell your current kitchen on second-hand sites for between $500 and $3,000 !

Of course, ecological awareness can also make us consider refacing. You can sell your existing kitchen on second-hand sites for between $500 and $3,000, so you can be sure that your cabinets will still be useful, whether for a kitchen, a cottage, a garage or even a workbench. In the end, your existing kitchen will be reused in both cases.

It’s important to consider all these elements before starting any work, because the investment will be several thousand dollars regardless of the final decision. Our advice as interior designers will help you get a new kitchen with a new configuration, with clever suggestions based on our years of experience. Contact us at