How do you renovate your kitchen ?

Here are a few tips and steps to follow to successfully renovate your kitchen ! Your renovation can be done by a contractor or by yourself. It’s always a good idea to know the steps involved in renovating your home !

The plans

The first step is for an interior designer to draw up plans of your current room and those of the future room (see why hire an interior designer for our renovations?). Once the conceptual plan for your kitchen has been carefully drawn up, we can begin the renovations by following a precise implementation process ! During the “design analysis”, the designer takes your budget into account to suggest the right materials and consider the labour required.


Most people prefer to have work carried out by professionals. However, the costs associated with specialists are often much higher than initially thought. When you consider the budget and the customer’s involvement in the work, people often get the kitchen they want. This involvement can consist of simple work (e.g. painting the walls yourself saves you money).

Here’s a typical example of how long it takes to renovate a kitchen.

Step 1.1 : Have your plans drawn up by an interior designer;
Step 1.2 : Place all your orders (made-to-measure furniture, sanitaryware, light fittings, materials, etc.);
Step 2 : Demolish existing units;

*You can sell your kitchen on second-hand websites. All in all, you’ll make a bit of money, reduce your costs and be environmentally friendly !

Step 3 : Building the new walls and providing an outlet for the oven ventilation;
Step 4 : Calling in the plumber and electrician;
Step 5 : Closing off the existing and new walls;
Step 6 : Install the new floor covering;
Step 7 : Paint the ceiling and walls (this step allows you to avoid cutting paint around your future cabinets);
Step 8 : The company installs your custom cabinets and countertop (if laminate);
Step 9 : Measurement of the countertop (if stone);
Step 10 : Delivery and installation of your stone countertop;
Step 11 : Bring in the plumber and electrician for the final connections;
Step 12 : Installing the kitchen backsplash;
Step 13 : Finishing/retouching
Step 14 : Celebrate in your kitchen !

In general, you should allow a minimum of 2 months for the work to be completed, from the moment you sign the order for your made-to-measure kitchen furniture to the final stage.

Of course, there can be surprises when it comes to renovating your home. But it’s the solutions that count. There is no such thing as a perfect project or perfect circumstances. A renovation requires a lot of investment of time and compromise. Fortunately, your designer at Atelier C3 design will be with you every step of the way ! All the effort will be worth it ! You’ll be able to enjoy your new kitchen while adding value to your home !

At Atelier C3 design, we not only draw up your plans, we also make your furniture to measure ! Write to us about your kitchen project !